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As from September, 2016 the Club Children’s Officer will become part of a Club Committee – this is now a Swim Ireland rule.  This change is to ensure that young people are represented at committee level with safeguarding information readily available for clubs through the Children’s Officer.  Some clubs have been really proactive with ensuring the CCO is included in club decisions and activities.

The change will be reflected in the Swim Ireland rule book and will need to be included in the club constitution.

One Club Children’s Officer, in addition to their existing responsibilities, will be appointed to the Club committee; the appointment may not be shared between different people where there is more than one CCO in a Club.  The CCO on the committee will act as liaison between the other CCOs and the committee.

Guidance for clubs:

•  The CCO is a member of the Club committee in addition to the number specified (usually 7) for the committee in the club’s constitution
•  The CCO has one vote on the committee
•  The CCO takes on the duties of the current designated person; a designated person no longer needs to be appointed
•  The CCO may not hold any other position on the committee
•  The committee agree with the CCOs (if more than one) which is to be on the committee – this must be ratified and recorded in the minutes of a committee meeting

Template Constitution change

The following wording will be included in the template constitution for clubs, and this change should be made to the club’s own constitution at the next available AGM:

5. Club Management

   a) Description
The Management Committee is the body elected by the Members for the management of the business and affairs of the Club. It consists of [number] who must be members of Swim Ireland in their own right.  The Club Children’s Officer is an appointed position who must also be a member of Swim Ireland in their own right and sits on the committee in addition to the [number] elected. 

   b) Membership of the Management Committee
Membership of the Management Committee shall consist of the following: – a Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Club Children’s Officer and four other adult members.

Outline Duties of the Club Children’s Officer:

(i)   Act in the best interests of young people
(ii)  Ensure young people have opportunity to express opinions and views
(iii) Ensure safeguarding policies and procedures are implemented and effective in all areas of the club
(iv) Act as advisor for and report concerns of abuse to the appropriate authorities

(Further details are contained in the latest Swim Ireland Safeguarding Policy document - Click here and see the document)

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