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“I want it all yesterday, with the least possible effort”.

Does this sound familiar?
Or does it make any sense?
Or is it even possible?

Well, if you are lucky enough to be one of the extremely lucky one-in-one million nine hundred and forty seven thousand, seven hundred and ninety two odds winners of the Irish lotto then I suppose the answer is a big, “Yes”.

If, on the other hand, you’re still living in the real world then you’ll have probably worked out by now that to get it all will take lots and lots of time and even bigger lots and lots of hard work and effort.

What exactly does it take to become the best? To become the best in the world or the best that you can be at anything that you choose.
It’s no fluke when someone reaches the top of their game, whether that’s at sport, work, school, etc.
I’ve heard numerous comments about certain people being ‘naturally talented’, and although it helps for a swimmer to be born with size 15 feet or hands the size of bicycle wheels, natural talent will mean nothing unless you add in lots and lots of hard work, time and dedication.
It also takes planning, commitment, sacrifices, time, often multiple lifestyle changes – diet, rest, exertions, etc and most importantly, it takes ACTION.

It’s very easy to plan. We can be awesome at planning and have the best intentions in the world to follow a plan. We can be committed to following these plans and committed to changing specific lifestyle habits but all that planning and commitment to follow through starts with taking ACTIONS.

Whenever we, as coaches, make out a monthly session plan to improve our swimmer’s endurance and long distance speed or whatever it may be, we can detail all the things we’re going to do in a nice easy to follow format and layout, with set-times and set distances all detailed and if we were feeling extra creative that day we might even colour code some of the plans we made.
But unless we take the action needed to implement these plans every day then that’s all they will be – PLANS.
As useless as the paper they’ve been written on and a criminal waste of our precious time to create.

For the plans to work, we must then take actions.

So, ask yourself.
What actions will you take?

Will you get up ten minutes earlier in the morning to eat a proper breakfast before arriving early at the pool for your 10 minute stretch routine before being the first to hit the water at 5:30am?

Will you consistently attempt to perfect your stroke with every arm pull and every kick on every single drill set, speed set, distance set, etc?

Will you practice your turns at every 25metres and not have to wait for a “turns set” to work on them?

Will each start be strong and every breakout fast and streamlined and will every finish be aggressive and competitive?

Will you aim to finish every set the coach puts up on the board like it might be your last ever session?

Will you possibly stay back for an extra 15 minutes to try and perfect that dodgy back to breast turn you may need a little work on?

Will you go to school / home / work where you will eat and drink well for the rest of the day, listen and apply yourself in school or work, practice your stretch routine and stability work at home in the evening, get your kit prepared for the next day’s session and go to bed (and sleep – stay off those phones/ipads) early?

Are you prepared to repeat this process every single day in order to be the best.
The best doesn’t mean the best in the world. It means the best that you can be yourself.

Another thing I’ve heard so many times is, “He has bags of potential”, or, “She has loads of ability to make it to the top”.
That’s great – and well done for having loads of potential and ability.

But potential will only ever remain as potential unless you work hard to achieve the greatness that everyone thought you had the potential to be.
It’s the very same thing for ability.
Ability is nothing unless you use it.

Take action to use whatever ability you have and reach the potential you possess.
Greatness awaits!
Plans are plans.

Ideas are ideas.

Dreams are dreams.

All three are exactly the same.

They will all stay as plans, ideas and dreams until you decide to take the actions to make them reality.

To some, the thought of what it takes to achieve their goals is enough to make them pull the blankets over their heads at 4:30am but what you need to realise is that as swimmers, you are different.

You rise early every morning and dive into a cold pool to the shouts of the coach who watches, analyses and critics our every movement in the water.
In each session you perform more tumbles than an Olympic gymnast, swim more distance than any basketballer runs and more dives than the average Liverpool FC player does per game (I had to get that in there)!

Effort and hard work is in your make-up. It’s been harnessed and shaped since you began learning how to swim.

Don’t shudder at the thought of effort. You’ve been doing it for so long now. You just need to maintain that effort and become more and more focused on your goals and what it will take to achieve them.

There is no shortcut, quick-fix, easy pathway to success. It’s a myth, a natural human instinct to get the most done with least possible effort. Sounds ideal but its total fantasy.

So make your plans, but carry them out.

Dream your dreams, but make them a reality.

Forget about the idea of quick-fix easy-street success – it doesn’t exist.

Work hard, put in the graft, make the sacrifices and do the hard time and the rewards will always be sweeter when you know that you have worked your socks off to get there.

Until next time....

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"I love the mix of fun, discipline and exercise that Dolphin and their fantastic coaches offer. Best of all though the kids love it and they'd be up there every morning if they could"

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